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Current Mindfulness Courses for 2018

**FREE Courses
. Booking is Essential.**

To book please contact Mary on... 07538 763 431


Mindful Colouring Group
At Changes offices in Stoke
Monday's 10.00am - 12.00pm

Changes Health & Wellbeing Centre
Victoria Court, Booth Street,

Stoke ST4 4AL

Mindfulness Courses

Changes Health & Wellbeing Centre
Victoria Court, Booth Street,

Stoke ST4 4AL

3 WEEK Current Courses:

Mondays 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Start Date: 4th NOV 2019*

Mondays 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Start Date: 2nd DEC 2019*

*Please Note: The Mindfulness courses
are only open to residents of Stoke-on-Trent.



Audio Files for 3 Week Course...

Session One
Body Scan Meditation

Session Two
Sitting Meditation
Mindful Movement

Session Three
Thoughts and Sounds
3 Stage Breathing Space

Audio Files for 8 Week Course...

Session One
Body Scan Meditation

Session Two
10 Minute Sitting Meditation

Session Three
Mindful Movement

3 Stage Breathing Space

Session Four
Thoughts & Sounds

Session Five
Working with Difficulty

3 Stage Breathing (Added Instruction)

Session Six


Please note: all audio files are copyrighted materials to Kerry Wheat ©2016 and are available for personal use from this site only & not to be reproduced.

Just Be Mindful - Mindfulness in a Frantic World.

Delivered by an experienced Mindfulness Trainer, this is an experiential course – with a mixture of meditation practices and cognitive exercises - run over 3 weeks or 8 weeks for 2 hours each week– accompanied by a worksheets and set of audio CDs (to support and promote your mindfulness practice).

Mindfulness means learning to pay attention, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally (Kabat-Zinn 1990).

Themes covered include:
Becoming familiar with the workings
of the mind - the tendency to live on

Recognising your tendency to get caught
up in habitual patterns and reactions;

Learning how to release yourself from
these habitual patterns;

Developing a deeper connection with
yourself and the world around you;

Developing greater kindness towards

Learning to be more compassionate
and less judgmental.

Benefits of Mindfulness:
MFW can help you to learn new ways to handle
difficult moods, thoughts and the accompanying
physical sensations and help you to start taking
better care of yourself and to get more out of your
life. Living a more mindful life will help you to feel
less stressed and can bring lasting physical and
psychological benefits – other benefits include:

Improved quality of life - enjoying what you do,
better communication, better relationships etc;

Improved focus – the ability to set priorities
and to achieve personal goals;

Greater energy, efficiency and creativity;

Greater self-confidence and improved

To book yourself onto the next run of
the course, please contact Mary on... 07538 763 431


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