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PY+  Positive Years Ahead
Weekly mutual help groups for older people in mental distress.
Changes PY+ is open to anyone wishing to improve their mental health, (50+ are also welcome).

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire Meetings:

Changes Stoke Socials
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All 50+ adults are welcome to attend the Adult Meetings here...
If you are 50+ and would like extra support, please come along to any of our adult meetings that suit you.


PY+ Socials...

If you are 50+ and would like
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How Can Changes PY+ Help?

Guidance - From a programme specifically designed to help you recover from mental distress, that teaches you to gradually change what you can, and to accept what you can not.

Encouragement - From a group of people who; Can share their insight and experience; Understand how difficult it can be; Realise the value of your efforts; and share in your success.

Support - At a time when your belief in yourself and ability to cope with life may be at a low ebb. From people who appreciate that you alone can do it, but you can't do it alone!

Anyone is welcome to attend a Changes meeting, no referral is necessary, just come along. All that is asked is that you share in our goal of mental health.

Changes PY+ is open to anyone wishing to improve their mental health, (50+ are also welcome).

Membership is open to anyone, users, ex-users of Changes service and/or supporters of the organisation.

You can join at your Changesgroup or by contacting the Changes office.

What is Recovery?

What Recovery is not:
Finding a definite cure for your condition.
Returning to a previous state.
Always functioning without support.

Changes definition of recovery
For Changes recovery is a process, an attitude, a firm belief, that, through use and development of personal resources, you can overcome the symptoms of mental distress. 

Embracing recovery will promote your independence, personal autonomy and development, raise your self-esteem, confidence and personal aspirations, and enable you to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

In short, recovery is learning to live with, rather than suffer from, mental distress.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is mental distress? - It's a disruption of your ordinary thoughts and feelings resulting in poor mental health.

Causes of mental distress? - Ageing brings with it certain challenges - discrimination, physical illness, low income, isolation and so on - all of which can impact on your mental health.

What is Changes? - It's a mental health charity that provides a recovery service for people in mental distress, based on users attending weekly mutual-help groups and following a 12 step recovery programme.

When did it start? - Changes started in 1994 (although itís founders have been involved in running mutual-help groups since 1988).

Why was Changes formed? - Out of need. Recognising the gap in care provided for those with mental health needs by statutory and voluntary organisations, Changes developed a recovery service which is easily accessible, long term and user led.

What is recovery? - Recovery is learning to live with, rather than suffer from mental distress.

What is mutual help? - It's people joining to gether to help each other. At Changes you are both helper and helped.

What are Changes 12 Steps? - They form a recovery programme, based on traditional 12 step philosophy, established psychological techniques, up-to-date self-help techniques, and members own knowledge and experience.

Can Changes PY+ help me? - Yes! Our meetings promote healthy ageing, increasing both your physical and mental fitness. Provided you can attend, share in our goal of mental health, and can get involved, you'll make progress.

What does it cost? - Nothing! We are a charity, the service we provide is free.

How can I attend? - No referral is necessary - simply come along, you will be warmly welcomed.

Who runs the groups? - They are run by 2 specially trained co-ordinators (often people who have been 'in the programme' themselves) who are there simply to ensure the meeting stays on track.

What form do meetings take? - Although taking place in an informal setting, each meeting follows a set agenda, which ensures structure, a positive approach, and individual progress.

Why do people go to the meetings? - Generally speaking, to get help. Changes can help with any form of mental distress. How long and often you attend depends largely on the nature and severity of your problem.

How does Changes fit in with existing mental health services? - Very nicely! Our programme is designed to supplement any help you are receiving from other statutory or voluntary services. Members are encouraged to seek out and cooperate with all relevant forms of help.


For more information please contact Lorraine or Kris at: 
Changes PY+
  Changes Health & Wellbeing Centre, Victoria Court, Booth Street, Stoke, ST4 4AL
Tel:  01782 411433

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