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Changes YP & Comic Relief
Comic Relief 2015
Changes Young People's service receives Red Plaque recognition for vital work.
Read full press release here.

Pictured left is Donna Mountford, Changes YP Lead.

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Changes YP Young Persons service, is now Stay Well.

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9th February 2017: Norman Lamb MP visited Changes YP to discover more about the importance of our work and the positive mutual mental health support offered to young people and children in Staffordshire.

Under 11's Sessions are delivered in a FUN and INTERACTIVE way! The sessions will help you gain CONFIDENCE, raise SELF-ESTEEM, improve relationships and gather HEALTHIER COPING SKILLS. This is the chance to promote and improve your overall EMOTIONAL HEALTH and WELLBEING.

Changes Young People


Promoting the recovery of young people in mental distress throughout Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire

Young persons mutual help support groups for 11 - 25 year olds.

Changes YP can help with any type of MENTAL DISTRESS, and any issues that impact upon your mental well-being, whether it be exam stress, bullying, family issues, drug use etc.,  Our meetings although structured are relaxed and supportive, we understand that life isn't black and white.  Whatever your problem/issue our unique 12 STEP PROGRAMME can help YOU to move forward, resolve issues and 'get on with your life' (step 10).

Changes YP provides young people with a range of interventions, tailored to meet a young persons emotional wellbeing needs. We provide age appropriate Peer support groups, a 6 week ‘Wellness programmes’, ‘Understanding and Managing Anger’ course, Recovery focused social activities, accredited volunteering opportunities and a sign posting service.

Young People can make a ‘self’ referral or a family member/professional can make the referral on behalf of the young person.

The young person is then offered an ‘initial consultation’ before entering the service. This allows Changes YP to learn more about the young persons emotional wellbeing, to work together to create a care plan, lead by the young person and for Changes YP to explain more about the service we provide.

To make a referral or to chat to a member of the team please call 01782 413355.

An Overview of Changes YP services-

‘Wellness Programme’ -  A fun, interactive course designed to help you improve your self esteem and confidence, as well as giving you the opportunity to help others. You can learn ways to think and feel better, gain a healthier body image, understand anger, improve relationships, find healthier coping skills and much more.

Peer Support groups - An informal, confidential meeting which follows a set agenda in a safe place, enabling young people to feel comfortable to talk about issues impacting their emotional wellbeing.  You can also help others by sharing experiences and knowledge. Based on Changes unique 12 step programme.

Recovery focused activities/Social events -  Changes YP Offers an active and wide ranging social calendar including art workshops, music group, physical activity sessions, chill out nights, multi-sports sessions and much more!! Helping to build confidence and self-esteem in a social setting. It’s also a great opportunity to meet friends who are in a similar ‘boat’ to you.
Volunteering Opportunities - Changes YP offers an accredited open college network-training programme for volunteers who wish to coordinate or assist meetings in the community. Providing volunteers with an invaluable experience and confidence, you have the opportunity to help, support and encourage young people who are experiencing poor emotional wellbeing.


Changes YP is...
• Young Person friendly
• User led
• Age appropriate
• Empowering
• Supportive
• Rewarding
• Recovery focused
• Based on 12 step philosophy
• There when you need us!

Immediate Access Service for
Young People Aged 11 - 25, No Waiting List!

Dear Colleagues,

Child mental health services 'stuck in the dark ages', says Norman Lamb, Care and Support Minister, in the press today (20th August 2014).  He went on to say “... it needs to be brought into the modern age." (source

Changes YP (Young people) provides an innovative, modern, 21st c. service that is co-produced by young people aged 11 – 25 and can be accessed today.  Yes, today!  Changes YP is immediate access, no appointment or referral required.  

Changes YP is multi award winning and a recognised part of North Staffordshire mental health service delivery via contracts with Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire commissioning bodies to deliver innovative, person focused, recovery rooted services as per services and meetings detailed on this page above. 

Changes YP service testimony –

"Changes YP taught me how to manage my wellbeing, from the everyday stresses to the bigger issues around relationships, family problems and the anxiety I've experienced on and off since my early teens. I always felt that I could be myself around the staff, volunteers and members of Changes YP, I always felt like there was somebody who would listen to me and someone who understood.  I've not come across another service that feels as genuinely caring as Changes YP or one that focuses so well on the present and moving forward. Other services I'd used in the past seemed to dwell on the negatives and I never felt that I was making any progress with my anxiety. Changes YP has had a massive impact on my life and I couldn't thank them enough for their support.“

Questions or more information...
please contact Tory Alexander or a member of her team on:

Office: 01782 41 33 55
Mobile: 07732 34 99 41
Mobile: 07749 34 33 06      

We look forward to your call.

Picture Picture
School Awards

Changes YP are proud to be presented with the 'Making A Difference Through Self Responsibility' award.
March 2013 TILT Awards Evening at Birches Head High School.



For further info please call Tory or Julie on 01782 41 33 55 or  e-mail:

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