Mental Health Workshops in Stoke

Mental Health Workshops run by Changes Health & Wellbeing include; Wellbeing Workshops, Recovery Workshops, Peer-support Groups. Our accredited mental health practitioner coaches help and support those experiencing mental distress. By learning self-management techniques, developing wellness tools, attending recovery-focused activities, plus offering training and volunteering opportunities, Changes support and promote more helpful thinking, cultivate positive attitudes plus raise awareness to better understand mental health issues. Get well, stay well and get on with life, Make Changes for Better Mental Health!

Mental Health Workshops in Stoke

Local mental health services to help you stay, live and feel well.

Workshops can also be viewed via each service link below.

Mental Health Workshops & Services in Stoke

Amongst other relevant issues, the workshops will cover:

• Mental distress and mental wellbeing
• Confidence, self-esteem and aspirations
• Link between physical and mental health
• Personal evaluation taking stock
• Developing an accurate self-image
• Social determinants of mental health
• Emotional literacy and intelligence

• When ‘Feelings are not facts’
• Keeping a Wellbeing Journal
• Setting and achieving goals
• Types of feelings
• Using a Wellness Action Plan (WAP)
• Challenging and changing unhelpful thinking
• Healthy behaviours, exercise, relaxation and diet

• Positive Mental Attitude
• Realising Your Potential
• Accurate Self-image
• Emotional Wellbeing
• Coping with Stress
• Calm and Relaxed
• Healthy Lifestyle

Mental Health Workshops

Wellbeing Workshops

Workshops to increase your mental wellbeing and ability to cope – helping you to stay, live and feel well

Mental Health Workshops

Recovery Workshops

Workshops helping those who sometimes struggle with their mental health recovery – to stay well and to get on with their lives

Mental Health Workshops

Weekly Adult Peer-Support Groups

PSGs, where those in mental distress can connect and share self-help tips, offer each other support, and learn how to apply Changes 12 steps to manage their condition

Mental Health Workshops

Stay Well CYP Support Services

Support services* to promote wellbeing and recovery of children and young people in mental distress – and additional support for parents, carers and teachers

*Provided by Changes, Mind and Dove

*On-line Mental Health Workshops & Programmes

Please note that all of our on-line workshops / programmes are held via Zoom

How to access our Mental Health Workshops:

Mental Health Workshops from Changes Health & Wellbeing, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire